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CppMore, formerly known as cpluspluser, has been the main account for Lkimuk’s writing since 2017. It was renamed CppMore in 2022 and established its independent website in 2023.

Lkimuk’s articles are primarily published on WeChat Official Account (named CppMore) and this website, with the official account being the primary platform containing all articles, while this website serves as a backup where not all articles have been migrated yet.

Articles published by CppMore mainly focus on C++, but due to diverse interests, they also cover various topics including but not limited to programming, cognition, economics, philosophy, literature, poetry, writing, travel, photography, and art. The C++ articles are categorized into various topics, with over a hundred original articles published to date.

There is currently a WeChat discussion group named C++ Joie de Coding, established in 2021 and primarily for experienced C++ developers; it is nearly at full capacity. The group opens its doors at least once a year, and those interested can stay tuned to the official account for updates.

Lkimuk is a tech enthusiast with years of experience in C++ development. Lkimuk has also dabbled in other programming languages such as Java, C#, Python, Rust, and Assembly, and has independently developed multiple systems. Always on the move, Lkimuk enjoys exploring different things, discovering endless possibilities, and capturing moments in time through writing.